《Aces’ Future Dining Table》is brought by representatives of《Becoming Aces》, an annual event held by TNL Media Group. They are all not only young local agriculture producers but also advocators of various activities in all fields: Sustainable agriculture products, fish-eating education, traditional sauce making and fruit planting craftsmanship. They take on local challenges, and strive to make breakthroughs or innovations. 《Aces’ Future Dining Table》is more than the taste of food, but future of Taiwan’s younger generations.




《Aces’ Future Dining Table》comes from local producers. We gather first-hand ingredients from all around Taiwan, HSIEH YI-CHENG, initiator of Future Dining Table then turns them into dishes. 

Each producer all have different initiatives, they take on local challenges, and strive to make breakthroughs or innovations. 

《Aces’ Dining Table》 is not only about the taste of food, but also about the future of Taiwan’s younger generations.

@ 北台灣 新北市 Northern Taiwan-New Taipei


Representative of Pumpkin NO.3

第4屆未來大人物:蔡威德 TSAI WEI-TE




After a year of field research and village life, Tsai decided to take root in Pinglin, a town in northern Taiwan which is famous of its tea industry and culture. He founded Pumpkin No.03 and, devoted himself to local industries, culture and natural resources, integrating life aesthetics into food culture and mountain forest experience. After 10 years of ploughing, Tsai not only rebuilt in-depth local tea tourism ecology but also organized local youth partners to create a new lifestyle with this town.

Product: Tea related products


Founder of Firefly Book House 

第5屆未來大人物:葉家豪 YEH CHIA-HAO 




After returning to his birthplace Shiding, Yeh found that fish in the streams and the fireflies at night had all disappeared. To protect the environment of his hometown (which he refers to "neither a mountain nor a city") and be sustainable, he established Firefly Book House to raise cohesion of local community and educate the next generation about environmental protection. He uses natural as a teacher, Providing agri-food education, camp outings, and started a mushroom farm, combined with local organic and environmentally friendly fruits and vegetables. His goal is to achieve a future that people and nature can coexist harmoniously.

Product: Mushroom

@  東台灣*花蓮Eastern Taiwan-Hualien

洄遊吧有限公司 創辦人兼執行長 

Founder and CEO of FISH BAR

第5屆未來大人物:黃紋綺 HUANG WEN-CHI




Re-experienced marine knowledges at Qixingtan, Hualien, where her mother was born, Huang communicates with Taiwanese people through fish-eating education, emphasizing that Taiwan should not only have a seafood culture but also a marine culture. She cooperates with traditional fishermen to pursue environmentally friendly and sustainable fishing methods, establishing FISH BAR, an educational and dinning base, to connect people and the ocean through marine knowledges, environmental education, marketing, product development & design and digital technologies. 

Product: Mahi Mahi Fillet

@中台灣*雲林Central Taiwan-Yunlin


CEO of Wei-Hsun Farm

5屆未來大人物:黃衍勳 HUANG YEN-HSUN




After studying molecular biology, genetic engineering and studying various sea areas in Taiwan, Huang returned to his hometown to start a business in Primary Sector, cultivating fruits and vegetables through innovative agricultural production with help of smart technology. Mass production of organic vegetables managed by IOT successfully entered the group meal market is one example. Huang also built SOPs for newcome farmers to shorten their learning curve. He devotes himself to solving issues such as lack of experiences and skills, and to create opportunities for more young farmers to return to their hometown, reaching sustainability for Taiwan’s agricultural industry. 

Product: Cucumber, Tomatoes


Yu-Ding Shiing Wood-Fried Black Bean Soy Sauce craftsman and initiator of Future Dining Table

6屆未來大人物:謝宜澂 HSIEH YI-CHENG




Third generation Yu-Ding Shing Wood-Fried Black Bean Soy Sauce craftsman, continues 60-year traditional firewood-fired soy sauce producing method, are dedicated to carrying forward the world's only black bean made soy sauce, and strives to promote Taiwanese soy sauce to the world. Initiated Future Dining Table in 2017, connecting Yunlin’s Primary, Secondary and Sixth Sector, shortening the distance between people and product’s origin through dishes and dining table, with the goal of becoming “Promoter of all-soy sauce based vegetarian cuisines” 

Product: Taiwanese Black Bean Soy Sauce

@ 南台灣*台南Southern Taiwan-Tainan


Founder of Pineapple Prince 

1屆未來大人物:楊宇帆 YANG YU-FAN




After working more than 20 different jobs, Yang returned to his hometown Guanmiao, which is famous for its pineapples. He nicknamed himself “Pineapple Prince” (also his brand name), plants organic pineapples, cares about the soil and creates his own values. With planting techniques from his grandfather’s generation, he devotes himself to become a promotion ambassador of pineapples and open up unlimited possibilities for pineapples in the future. 

Product: Dried Pineapple


Chairman of TW-Pure-CEDA

第5屆未來大人物:黃雅聖 HUANG YA-SHENG




Went back to his hometown at age of 26, former engineer Huang Ya-sheng accidently stepped into the word of education and became teacher of more than 500 students annually. He established TW-Pure-CEDA for children’s education, joined agriculture to raise tuition fee for students who almost dropped out of school, and resulting in the development of agri-food education and various courses. From an engineer to a farmer and a teacher, Huang provides children with all-round care and accompanies them through their education.

Product: Rice


Representative of SHAN DING ZHUANG YUAN 

6屆未來大人物:陳昀鎂 CHEN YUN-MEI




Devoted herself to inheritance and development of handmade firewood-smoked dried longan since her grandfather’s period. Taking on challenges from production to marketing along with her team and families. Dedicated to share the past, present and future of longan with the society. Variety of products based on handmade firewood-smoked dried longan are sold overseas such as Canada, New Zealand and Japan. Product: Firewood-Smoked Dried Longan

@南台灣*高雄Southern Taiwan-Kaohsiung


Fonder of Youthbanana

1屆未來大人物:王繼維 WANG JI-WEI




Born in Qishan, Kaohsiung, once recognized as “Kingdom of Bananas” but had lost its prime due to decline in agriculture and rural exodus, Wang Ji-wei is heavily influenced by his father to protect traditional culture. He participates in community development, founded Youthbanana and a band, uses natural methods to plant bananas, hopes to bring a new scene to Qishan through marketing local banana industry and culture. 

Product: Bananas


《Aces’ Future Dining Table》 promotes the 4Rs of green living,  

we have taken these steps, what about you?

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